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Brian D. Rude    2006

       Listed below are links to pages of guitar music that I have either written myself, or believe to be free of copyright restrictions and useful for guitar students. These pieces are not meant to be great guitar music. Rather they are meant to be good material for teaching and learning to play the guitar.

       I was engaged in giving guitar lessons from about 1989 to about 2000. It was always only a part time activity, but during that time I gained enough experience to develop some definite ideas on how to teach guitar. I will develop on article on the subject in the near future and will post it on this site. One of my early conclusions on the subject was that it is better to start learning guitar with the notes on the lower strings rather than the notes on the upper strings. All the method books I found for guitar started with the notes on the high E string. I concluded that that approach encouraged what I call the "monkey grip" in the left hand. I felt it was better to start on the lower strings. I start with "middle C" (third fret on the fifth string) and then work up and down from there.

       As can be seen on these pages I use a note approach, as opposed to a chord approach. I will discuss that more fully in the future.

       The pages are pdf files. I believe pdf files are so ubiquitous now that anyone who can find this page on the web probably has Adobe Acrobat reader on their computer automatically, and therefore will have no trouble getting these pages. I have never been a great fan of the pdf format. When I'm browsing the internet and something is in that format I expect it will take longer to come up. However I think it will work best here. I tried scanning my sheets of music and posting them as either jpg or gif files, but I didn't seem to get good quality. I use the Lilypond notation software. This is new to me, and takes a little time, but it does seem to make very good copies. The Lilypond software is free on the internet, go to to check it out.

       At present I have only a few pages. The first nine pages, and perhaps a dozen more to come, are definitely meant to form the beginning of a book (The "Rude Method" ? ? ?). Other pages that I will add are not integrated into a coherent order. They are not meant to be part of a book. Rather they are useful as supplementary material. Click on the links below:

Page 1, The First Five Notes      It's not easy to find familiar tunes with only five notes, and no eighth notes. Here's a few to get started with. Jingle Bells is the favorite.

Page 2,      Fortunately it's not hard to write simple five note melodies.

Page 3, Three More Notes     

Page 4,

Page 5, Three Higher Notes

Page 6,

Page 7, Eighth Notes      This is a very important page. Get the counting right for eighth notes and you have a good foundation in rythm. I will have much more to say about this.

Page 8, Four Higher Notes      "When The Saints" is now transposed up an octave. After this tune, and a few others, are played in several keys the ideas of transposition and keys can make sense.

Page 9, Three String Chords      I have always thought that chords on guitar ought to arise out of notes. This is a beginning of that.

Supplementary pieces:

Glockenspiel by Mozart. I can't remember where I got this, but I like it. It seems a natural for guitar. Works well with either a pick or fingers.

Bourree by Handel. Most of it works best in second position. Double picking works best for me.

More to come as time permits.